Welcome to Ji Bytes!

This series has been carefully designed for you by expert teachers, to give you and your child access to a safe Jewish learning environment daily. New content will be delivered for Monday to Friday every week designed for children aged 4-9 years old. It should keep them busy for about an hour or so.

The content is designed for you to use in any order you wish and with minimum instruction from you. However, please be aware you may be needed the first few times until your children are familiar with the pattern and tools needed.


For any help please first visit our Ji Tap Help Center. If that doesn't help, please contact us if you have specific queries or challenges with Ji Bytes.


The Ji Bytes content is split into Themes and Topics.
For example: Our first Theme is Pesach. One Topic is all about Moses, another Topic is about the 10 Plagues.

For an optimal learning experience, we recommend that Ji Bytes is best used on a desktop or laptop. Should you not have access to either, it can be used on an iPad or iPhone.
Unfortunately Ji Bytes is not yet compatible with Android.

Daily Topics

Each Ji Bytes Topic is split into 5 activities which are the same every day. This repetition has been structured intentionally so your children become familiar with the layout and will need your input less as the days go on. All of these activities have been designed by expert teachers for independent learning. However your children may need adult support when completing the Create and Craft sections. The 5 activities are as follows:

Here your children can sit back and consume content that will set the scene and give over knowledge needed to complete the rest of the tasks.

Nothing for you to do here, just let your children play the games! If you have more than one child playing, please ask them to take a turn each, as there are usually 4 games for each day.

These are external links to other informative, safe websites that can help your children with the create activity. It is a research exercise for your children to do that can be used for as long or as little time as you wish.

This will take you to one of several tools, which need to be prepared BEFORE you start Ji Bytes.

Ji Tap Web Creator (Browser)

Ji Tap Creator (iPad)  

  • Download the Ji Tap app
  • Make sure that you have a parent login to Ji Tap - signup is free (Watch how to create a family profile
  • Tap the plus sign (+)  along the lower menu 
  • Start creating!

Ji Studio

You can use Ji Studio to create interactive books and posters which can be printed as PDFs or shared.

  • Desktop/laptop: You will need to download the Ji Studio app to your computer and install it. This will take a few minutes, depending on your internet connection. Once installed, it can be used offline.
  • iPad/iPhone: Download the Ji Studio 4 Jewish Kids app. Once installed, it can be used offline.
  • Watch video about Ji Studio.

Adobe Spark!

We are keeping making video clips easy. Your children can make a video using any tool they wish or just the video camera on a phone. For those more advanced we love Adobe Spark! You will need to download the app, or create an account to use this tool.

This is an offline activity and will need a little support from you. It may be baking, arts and crafts, dancing or more!

Useful links for Ji Bytes

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