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Night 8-Chanukah Fun
Chanukah Dreidel Fun

Share and Play Dreidel

Everyone has their own version of playing dreidel or sevivon (in Hebrew).

Create a Ji Tap game to teach your friends and family how to play dreidel using your rules!

Here are the simple rules of dreidel to help you get started:

To play dreidel you will need gelt (chocolate coins), and a dreidel.

Divide the gelt equally between all players.

The goal of the game is to have FUN and win as many gelt pieces as possible.

1. Each player puts one piece of gelt into the middle for the first round.

2. Each player gets a chance to spin the dreidel. If the player has a face up:

נ‎ (nun) “Nothing” Happens

ג‎ (gimel) The player “Gets” all the gelt in the middle

ה‎ (hei) The player gets “Half” of the gelt in the middle

ש‎ (shin) or פ‎ (pe) the player adds a piece of gelt to the middle

3. Each round all the players add a piece of gelt and repeat Step 2.

Dreidel is usually played in front of the lit Chanukah lights to have FUN and enjoy the light of Chanukah.

Play this game to lead you on the creative journey.

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