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Night 4-Chanukah Sing-a-long
Create Your Chanukah Sing-a-long

Chanukah Sing-a-long

Words vs. Tunes

Create a spoken word interactive experience or a new Chanukah tune and highlight it with Ji Tap images. Spoken word is a cross between rap, poetry and commentary. Whether you love words or music, this creative activity is a way for you to contribute to the creative voice of the Jewish People this Chanukah.

Use Ji Tap to record your spoken word or your melody and illustrate it with your own art, images you find on the web or with the Ji Tap creation pack images.

Play this game to lead you on the creative journey.

Follow this link to the Ji Tap Creation Suite.

Note: All example games have been created using the Ji Tap app, follow this link to download the app.

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