Help for
Ma Nishtana
Record yourself singing Ma Nishtana

Create a game to help your family learn the Ma Nishtana

  1. Go to
  2. Make sure you are logged in (ask a parent to help you)
  3. Go to Create on the Green Menu Bar at the top of the pag In the Creator tool, find the Haggadah Templates sticker collection
  4. Choose the Ma Nishtana background
  5. Use stickers from the Seder Night to fill in each question - use the games you played before to help you
  6. Use the Soundboard activity to record yourself singing each question:
  7. Trace around a question, then press the + icon to record your voice singing that question
  8. Repeat the step above for each of the 4 questions
  9. Press play and enjoy!

Share your game with us using #jibytes

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