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Purim Customs
Make Your Own Virtual Purim Gift Basket

There are 4 mitzvot of Purim. This means that there are 4 things that we should make sure we do on Purim to really experience Purim to its fullest!

*To retell the story of Purim

*To have a Purim feast

*To send food baskets

*To give gifts to the poor

Use the Ji Tap Create Tool to send a virtual gift basket to your friends and loved ones for Purim, or download the Ji Tap app.

Play this Ji Tap game or watch this video to learn how.

When preparing mishloach manot (gift baskets) it is important to include at least two ready-to-eat items of food or drink that can be enjoyed at the Purim festive meal. Choose items from the Ji Tap Creation Packs and prepare a yummy mishloach manot to send.

It is important to note that this virtual mishloach manot doesn’t replace the mitzvah of sending a gift basket to a friend on Purim. Rather it helps us add to the Purim festivities, especially when many celebrations will be virtual this year.

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